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open play


Get Nerfed provides time for nearly anyone to come in and join the excitement that the Battle Arena provides, we call this Open Play.



Every player must have a completed WAIVER on file.  Minors need to have this WAIVER completed by their parent or guardian.  Waivers may be completed online or at Get Nerfed Battle Arena.


The purchase of a Battle Pass is required to participate in Open Play.  A standard single-shot blaster is provided for game play with the purchase of a Battle Pass.  A Battle Pass can be purchased at the Get Nerfed Battle Arena.


Players may upgrade their blaster selection by purchasing an upgrade option.  Upgrades include Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic level blasters.  Upgrades can be purchased at the Get Nerfed Battle Arena.

Open Play participants must follow the Open Play rules and procedures and stay out of any birthday parties or events that may be taking place.


Get Nerfed has an ample supply of blasters available, so leave yours at home.  Each player is provided with a standard blaster for use during the games.  If you are looking for a more potent Nerf Blaster, you are encouraged to purchase an upgrade pass and select a blaster out of our massive arsenal.


Depending on which upgrade level is selected, these higher level blasters are capable of holding more ammo, having an improved range, improved accuracy, and a rapid fire capability.


Rival Blasters use the small, round yellow high-impact ammo rounds.  These rounds create an accurate, consistent shot with high velocity capability.  Nerf's recommended age for most Rival Blasters is 14+ due to their precision and high impact nature.  Proper safety equipment is always recommended and provided at Get Nerfed.


Every Get Nerfed game participant MUST have a signed WAIVER on file.  Everyone must abide by all safety rules, including wearing appropriate safety eyewear at all times while on the game field.